List of Master’s in Data Science in Ivy League Universities

This post provides a list of Ivy League universities offering Master’s in Data Science. In short, except for Princeton and Dartmouth, most schools offers Master’s in Data Science.

University NamesMaster’s in Data ScienceWebpage
Columbia YesMS Data Science webpage
CornellYesMS Operations Research and Information Engineering
HarvardYesProgram info webpage
UPennYesPrograms info webpage
PrincetonNot ExactlyMS in Engineering
YaleYesProgram webpage
BrownYes Program webpage
DartmouthNot ExactlyMS in Health Data Science
  1. Columbia University
    Columbia University offers MS in Data Science at Columbia Data Science Institute – Columbia University. If you want to learn more about this program, you can click here.
  2. Cornell University
    Cornell University offers MS in Operations Research and Information Engineering (with a concentration in Data Science).
  3. Harvard University
    Harvard’s MS in Data Science is a joint program between computer science and statisitics. There are no formal prerequisites for applicants to this master’s programs. However successful applicants do need to have sufficient background in Computer Science, Math, and Statistics – including fluency in at least one programming language and knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, and statistical inference. 
  4. Pennsylvania (Penn) University 
    UPenn offers MS in Engineering in Data Science. They even has an online option. It seems that the whole program can be fully online.
  5. Princeton University
    I did some research, and could not find a webpage indicating that Princeton offers Master’s in Data Science. Princeton has a center called Center for Statistics and Machine Learning, which offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Statistics and Machine Learning. Note that this is just a certificate, not a degree. Princeton has the Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE) department, which Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.). It is not a Master’s Data Science per se.

    However,the ORFE department has a few faculty doing machine learning research. Further, the MS in Engineering is more research focuse, and they encourage applicants to contact professor in advance (read here). Thus, if you are interested in machine learning and like to be more research focuse, it seems to me that you can consider this program.
  6. Yale University
    Yale has the Department of Statistics and Data Science, which offers M.A. and M.S. programs in Statistics/Statistics and Data Science. They also offer certificate in Data Science.  
  7. Brown University
    Brown offers Master’s in Data Science, and you can click here to read more about this program.
  8. Dartmouth College
    Dartmouth does not have a program literally called Master’s in Data Science. However, they do has a program called MS in Health Data Science. You can check here to look at their core courses.

To summarize, except for Princeton and Dartmouth, most Ivy colleages offers Master’s in Data Science. Further, Princeton offers MS in Engineering and Dartmouth offers MS in Health Data Science, which can be be considered as a proxy for data science.


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