Calculate p-value in Linear Regression

This tutorial shows how you can calculate p-value for linear regression. It includes formulas and data examples in Python. Formulas for p-value in Linear Regression We can estimate the regression coefficient B using the following formula. Where, Such calculation only generates regression coefficients but no p-values. To calculate the p-value, you need to calculate the … Read more

One Sample t-test in R

The following is the core R syntax to do one sample t-test in R. In particular, Method 1 uses built-in R function, whereas method 2 writes the function to test one sample t-test in R from scratch. Method 1: t.test(vector_name, mu = value_to_compare, alternative = “two.sided”) Method 2: (mean(vector_name)-value_to_compare)/(sd(vector_name)/sqrt(number_of_observation)) Data Example for One Sample t-test … Read more

Correlation: Definition, Formula, and Examples

What is Correlation? Correlation is a statistical measure of the relationship between two variables, X and Y. For instance, you can measure to what extent temperature (X) is related to the production of ice cream (Y). You probably would expect that higher temperatures correspond with higher production of ice cream. On the plot shown below, … Read more