Paired t-test in SPSS

This tutorial shows how you can conduct paired t-test in SPSS. The following shows the specific steps with screenshots from SPSS.

We are going to test whether students’ writing scores and reading scores are different. You can download the data here.

Steps of Paired t-test in SPSS

Step 1: Click “Paired Sample T-Test”

Click “Analyze”, then “Compare Means”, then “Paired Sample T-Test.”

Click "Paired Sample T-Test"
Click “Paired Sample T-Test”

Step 2: Drag variables

Drag “read” and “write” to Variable 1 and Variable 2 respectively.

Drag variables
Drag variables

Step 3: Interpret the output

The following are the null and alternative hypotheses for the paired t-test.

Null Hypothesis: Writing and Reading are not different.

Alternative Hypothesis: Writing and Reading are different.

The mean for reading is 52.23 and the mean for writing is 52.78. The P-value of 0.387 is greater than 0.05. That means that we failed to reject the null hypothesis. Therefore, we conclude that writing and reading scores are not significantly different.

Output of Paired t-test in SPSS
Output of Paired t-test in SPSS

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